Mission Game on Discord!

Please join us at https://discord.gg/PuZCXFgz5h for the latest updates!

So what's happening on Discord and what are the mission games?

Join our Discord and each member will have the opportunity to acquire “levels” based on the tasks completed for those roles. The rule are:

  1. Each member starts at the Cafeist level.

  2. Each member who completes a level will proceed to the next level (e.g. Cafeist → Enthusiast → Server → Barista)

  3. Members who do not complete the level will not be invited to the next level.

  4. Members, please take screenshot of ALL the responsibilities- On the Discord Server StakeCafe — we have a Discord Category for each level; Each level (e.g. Cafeist) will have an individual channel for each responsibility or task listed below. POST THE RESPECTIVE SCREENSHOT TO EACH CHANNEL IN THE DISCORD CATEGORY (e.g. CAFEIST MISSION > follow-stakecafe-twitter)

Level (Cafeist) — Responsibilities:

  1. Follow #stakecafe Twitter account

  2. Reposting Twitter posts and Medium articles

  3. Outreach to other groups on Telegram

  4. Commenting on the Twitter and Medium posts

  5. Completed the basic airdrop form

Level (Cafe Enthusiast) — Responsibilities:

  1. Creating custom posts

  2. Memes

  3. Update profile pic to Stake.Cafe official pic

  4. Suggest partners or organizations to donate to

  5. Tweet tag - a game of tag with @Stake.Cafe (like a blockchain)

  6. Encompasses Cafeist responsibilities

Level (Cafe Server) — Responsibilities:

  1. Responding when someone has asks a question, pinging core team if there are new questions wanting to be asked

  2. Help with filtering messages by bad actors in the community

  3. Help ELI5 DeFi and crypto concepts

  4. Give ideas for Medium blog posts

  5. Participate in 5 question interview for Medium

  6. Supplement roadmap items

  7. Encompasses responsibilities of Cafeist and Cafe Enthusiast

Level (Cafe Barista) — Responsibilities:

  1. Been an active barista for 1 month

  2. Contributes an idea for building community

  3. Create and lead community hubs on Discord (PH, US, etc.)

  4. Complete application to be core team member

  5. Encompasses responsibilities of all Cafeists!

Check out the reward distribution on our Medium article below!

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